Global Content Tool for RFP Responses, Custom Proposals and Ready to Download Deliverables

Training Videos:

All videos are in English with subtitles in: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese through closed captioning. Please refer to Video Subtitle Instructions below.

  • Overview Video: (02:51)
  • Short overview of RFP & Proposal Express features.

  • Reps & Certs:  (03:15)
  • Lean how to find generic vendor forms, W-9s, ACH Forms and more.

  • Search Portfolio Content: (04:07)
  • Learn how to find content for customer responses and communications, quote wrappers and proposals.

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Video Subtitle Instructions:

  1. Click on video link from above
  2. Click the settings icon on bottom right Settings
  3. Click subtitles, select language